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Areca triandra (wild areca palm) is a palm native to India and Malaysia which is often used as ornamental plant.



Tropical and subtropical Asia (including Andaman Islands, Bangladesh, Malay peninsula).


  • Stems : clustered, 1.5–4(–7) m tall; stems slender, green, 3–5 cm, with stilt roots.
  • Leaves : slightly drooping, 1-1.8 m long; sheaths forming a swollen, green crown shaft; petiole slender; leaflets 0.3–1 m long, 3.5–5 cm wide.
  • Inflorescences : 15–30 × 5–15 cm; prophyll 30 cm long. Flowers ♂ cream-coloured with a strong lemon fragrance, 2.5 mm long; ♀ globose, cream-coloured, 7.5 mm long.
  • Fruits : 2.5 cm long, with a prominently beaked tip, ripening to orange, then to scarlet.

Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areca_triandra

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