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Trachycarpus princeps,winsan,nova seeds ready soon

As compared to other suppliers, we  have been always collecting seeds at much later time when they are fully mature for better germination. Anyhow it is always worth waiting for the best quality at lower price.

The following seeds are to collected in 2 weeks . Those who are interested in fresh seeds, you can pre-order at the shop online.

1. Trachycarpus princeps,

2. T.fortunei Winsan

3. Trachycarpus nova

4. Trachycarpus fortunei Tesan

5. Trachycaprus nanus

Many new photos of Trachycaprus princeps and others in habitat or cultivation have been added in Palm & Cycad and growers could be quite excited to see them. Seeds or seedlings can be ordered at our online shop


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