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Trunk generally subterranean, often ellipsoid or abruptly tapered apically, sometimes to 60 × 20 cm above ground .Cycas miquelii has dark green, leathery, glabrous leaflets that are truncate basally and mucronate and pungent apically

 The researcher from the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
 pointed out the following differences between C.miquelii and C.ferruginea
1. C.miquelii normally do not have obvious rusty hair on the new leaves
whereas the new leaves of C.ferruginea have very very apparent thick rusty brown hair. In
Chinese, C.ferruginea is called rusty hair cycad  and  C.miquelii  rocky mountain cycad.
2. C.miquelii do not have curve much while C.ferruginea leaves have inverse hemming with the leaf tip curving a lot like a cocktail.
3. C.miquelii is generally smaller than C.ferruginea in terms of leave width , length and plant size.
So C.miquelii are normally cultivated as small or big traditional bonsais to create the classical  feeling .
4. C.miquelii are from Chongzuo City but C.ferruginea from Baise City,Guangxi Province, China.
More photos and details can be found at our website and the official website of Chinese plants.


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