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Cycas multipinnata,debaoensis ready soon

As compared to other suppliers, we have been alwasy collecting  seeds at a much later time when they are fully mature for better germination. It is therefore worth waiting for the best quality at lower price.

For the first time, we will be collecting some Cycas multipinnata seeds other than supplying the real seedlings to meet the demand from cycad enthusiasts over the years.

The following seeds are to be collected in 2 weeks . Those who are interested in fresh seeds, you can pre-order at the shop online.

1. Cycas debaoensis

2.Cycas micholitzii

3.Cycas segmentifida

4. Cycas diannanensis

5. Cycas panzhihuanensis

6.Cycas segmentifi

7. Licuala dasyantha

Other seeds  are to be  added from time to time depending on their harvest.

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