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Fresh Rare cycad and palm seeds to be Collected.

The following is a new list of fresh palm and cycad seeds for late 2010 which are to be harvested shortly ,as well as seedlings in stock now.

Our seed products have been verified over the years by numerous customers around the world including those from IPS and EPS of which we are a part that they are of good and reliable germination ,relatively cheaper price ,fast delivery (within 2 days after order),safe arrival guaranteed and trustworthy service .

The list below is being expanded from time to time.

Cycad Seeds
1.Cycas debaoensis
2.Cycas micholitzii
3.Cycas diananensis
4.Cycas szechuanesis
5.Cycas panzhihuanensis
6.Cycas miquelii
7.Cycas segmentifida
8.Cycas ferruginea

Palm Seeds
1.T.fortunei Tesan
2.T.fortunei Winsan
5.T.Nova (2 forms)
6.Rhapis excelsa
7.Rhapis humilis
8. Silver dwarf palm(Guihaia)
9.Licuala dasyantha

cultivated cycad seedlings in stock
1.Cycas debaoensis ,2-7cm diameter,1-4 years old
2.Cycas micholtizii, 2-15cm diameter.
3.Cycas multipinnata, 2-8cm diameter.
3.Cycas changjiangensis,2-5cm diameter, 1-4 year sold
4.Cycas panzhihuanensis, 2-5cm diameter, 1-3 year sold.
5.Cycas miquelii, 20cm diameter
6.Cycas segmentidia, 20-40cm diameter.

Unlike other growers, we normally don"t offer the old ungerminated seeds which should have germinated in normal sense as most have and most of our new fresh seeds for this year are as a rule not to be picked till late November when they are fully mature for the best germination and few even later.

Any customer taking the pre-order for seeds before the end of this month will receive 10\% more seeds .

For those who are interested in them, please contact us at cnnursery@yahoo.com or leave a message on the left of this page.

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